Broader Impacts Network

Role: Graduate Assistant

The Broader Impacts Network (BIN) assists researchers in the development, implementation, and evaluation of high-quality broader impacts activities at the University of Missouri

Chemistry Immersion Program (CHIP)

Role: Coordinator

CHIP is a two week program whose goal is to increase student interest in STEM careers and boost retention in the STEM discipline by enhancing students' comfort levels in collegiate chemistry and biochemistry. 

CHIP was featured on Storify!

Science Communication and Public Engagement (SCAPE)

Role: President

SCAPE aims to give graduate students in the sciences the tools they need to more effectively communicate their research to each other, their professional community and the public.

Specifically, SCAPE aims to:

  • Discuss and address science communication issues in public and professional spheres
  • Create a supportive community and outlet for students to address concerns and develop ideas about public and professional communication of their own research
  • Provide opportunities for students to personally interact with experts in the field of scientific communication
  • Create a platform for students to present research to the public and enhancing public awareness of science

Chemistry Graduate Student Organization (CGSO)

Role: Vice President

The CGSO at the University of Missouri is a graduate student run organization whose objective is to provide resource management, financial support and a cooperative community to its graduate student members. 

Science Cafe

Role: Moderator

Science Cafe Columbia is a casual group of folks who like to talk about popular science topics while relaxing with a beer or coffee. 

Artful Science

Role: Organizer

The Artful Science tent at the Columbia Art League's annual Art in the Park festival is where art and science have blended together to engage children in various hands-on activities.

The Big Electron

Role: Co-Host

Forum on Graduate Rights

Role: Outreach and PR Chair

The Forum on Graduate Rights (FGR) is a grassroots organization dedicated to acting on issues that affect the lives of graduate students and graduate student workers at the University of Missouri. Our concerns include providing a respectable stipend to the graduate student community, restoring affordable childcare services and student housing, and ensuring all graduate workers have full tuition waivers, no supplemental fees, and subsidized health insurance.